The space is to be used solely for the Exhibitor/Sponsor whose name appears in this agreement and it is agreed that the Vendor/Sponsor will not sublet or assign any portion of the same without written consent of OSMOSIS Institute (“OI”).


The Exhibitor/Sponsor is entirely responsible for the space that is allotted to it and agrees to reimburse the exhibition hall facility where the Event is to be held (“Exhibition Hall”) or OI for any damage to the floors, walls, ceiling or equipment in the space it has been allowed to use. The Exhibitor/Sponsor assumes all responsibility for any and all loss, theft or damage to Exhibitor/Sponsor’s displays, equipment and other property during the exhibition, and while on the Exhibition Hall premises, and hereby waives any claim or demand it may have against OI or its affiliates, or against Exhibition Hall or its parents, subsidiaries or affiliates arising from such loss, theft or damage. In addition, the Exhibitor/Sponsor agrees to defend (if requested by and with counsel satisfactory to OI), indemnify and hold harmless OI and Exhibition Hall and their respective parent, subsidiary and other affiliated or related companies from and against any liabilities, obligations, claims, damages, fines, suits, costs and expenses, including, without limitation, attorneys’ fees and costs up through and including any appeal, arising from or in connection with the Exhibitor/Sponsor’s occupancy and use of the Exhibition Hall premises or any part thereof or any negligent act, error or omission or willful misconduct of the Exhibitor/Sponsor or its employees, contractors, subcontractors or agents.


It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor/Sponsor to maintain proper insurance coverage for its property and liability. OI’s or the Exhibition Hall may require certificates of workman’s compensation and commercial general liability insurance with minimum limits of $1,000,000 per occurrence from the Exhibitor/Sponsor 90 days prior to the Event.


In the event the exhibition is not held as a result of any cause not reasonably within OI’s control (including, without limitation, acts of terrorism, unavailability of transportation that prevents the occurrence of the exhibition, acts of God, war, civil disturbances, declaration of national emergency, accidents or labor disputes, fire, storms, etc.) then both parties will be relieved of performance of their obligations under this agreement (and any accompanying payment obligations) to the extent such performance is so directly limited or prevented, without liability of any kind.


The distribution of any article that interferes with the activities or obstructs access to neighboring booths, or that impedes aisles, is prohibited. No article containing any product other than the product or material made or used by the Exhibitor/Sponsor in its service may be distributed. The Exhibitor/Sponsor shall conduct and operate its exhibit so as not to annoy, endanger or interfere with the rights of other Exhibitor/Sponsors and visitors. OI reserves the right to prohibit any exhibit that, in its sole discretion and judgment, is inappropriate, offensive, or may detract from the general character of the show. Any demonstrations or activity that may result in obstruction of aisles or that prevent ready access to nearby Exhibitor/Sponsor’s booths shall be prohibited. Exhibitor/Sponsor’s booth(s) are the responsibility of the Exhibitor/ Sponsor staff for the promotion of attendee engagement and timely response for the time leading up to and during the conference.


No exhibit or part of exhibit may be removed until after the closing hour of the last date of the Event unless other arrangements have been made in advance. Exhibits must be removed from the building by the time specified. In the event that the Exhibitor/Sponsor fails to remove its exhibit in the allotted time, OI reserves the right at the Exhibitor/Sponsor’s expense, to ship the exhibit through a carrier of OI’s choosing or to place the same in a storage warehouse subject to the Exhibitor/Sponsor’s disposition or make such other disposition of this property as it may deem appropriate without any liability to OI.


Exhibitor/Sponsor shall abide by and observe all laws, rules, regulations, and ordinances of any applicable government authority and all rules of the Exhibition Hall.


Exhibitor/Sponsor grants OI, without the right to sublicense, a nonexclusive, revocable, non-transferable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use and display Exhibitor/ Sponsor’s company name and Logo on OI website(s), print materials and in other marketing media solely for purposes of promoting the Event and future events, provided that such use is in accordance with Exhibitor/Sponsor’s established brand gu delines. If Exhibitor/Sponsor elects to become a branded sponsor for any portion of the Event, the use of Exhibitor/Sponsor’s logo, marks or artwork (collectively “Sponsor Artwork”) on any Event merchandise or collateral is subject to the prior approval of OI, which reserves the right to reject any Sponsor Artwork that, in OI’s sole discretion, fails to meet the defined specifications or general standards of quality for OI events. Exhibitor grants the OI or anyone authorized by the OI, the right to use or publish, in print or electronic format, any photographs or video taken during the Event which contain images of Exhibitor’s space, including any trademarks, logos, or other images displayed in or on Exhibitor’s space, as well as any images or likenesses of Exhibitor’s employees, contractors, subcontractors or agents at the Event.


Any matters not specifically covered by this Agreement shall be subject solely to the discretion of OI. OI shall have full power in the matter of interpretations, amendment and enforcement of all terms and conditions of this Agreement, and any amendments to such terms and conditions when made and brought to the notice of Exhibitor/ Sponsor shall be and become part hereof as though duly incorporated.


Exhibitor/Sponsor, for itself and its employees and representatives, agrees to abide by the foregoing terms and conditions and by any amendments that may be put into effect by OI. CANCELLATION POLICY All cancellations are required to be submitted in writing. Half of the cost of the selected package will be forfeited for cancellations between June 1, 2024 and September 1, 2024. The entire cost will be forfeited for cancellations after September 2, 2024.


Exhibitor/Sponsor agrees to observe and abide by the foregoing Terms and Conditions and by such rules made by OI from time to time for the efficient or safe operation of the exhibit. OI, in its sole judgment, may refuse to consider for participation in future events any Exhibitor/Sponsor who violates or fails to abide by such Terms and Conditions.

Exhibitor/Sponsor agrees to observe and abide by the foregoing Terms and Conditions and by such rules made by OI from time to time for the efficient or safe operation of the exhibit. OI, in its sole judgment, may refuse to consider for participation in future events any Exhibitor/Sponsor who violates or fails to abide by such Terms and Conditions.