* Ethics | Membership Requirements


I N T E G R I T Y 

  • Members must not compromise their position and ensure their work product is handled with the utmost of honesty and respect.
  • Members shall uphold the OSINT community’s professional reputation for competent and unbiased integrity.

R E S P O N S I B I L I T Y   A N D   O W N E R S H I P   O F   W O R K

  • Members will ensure they are suitable, knowledgeable and have the resources to thoroughly complete work product.
  • Members must retain responsibility and consideration for all information collected, reported.

L A W F U L  C O M P L I A N C E

  • Fully understand the clients request and any legalities that need to be considered.
  • Be transparent about any information that may not be legally obtained and communicate information will not be considered or obtained.

Members will not maliciously injure the professional reputation or practice of colleagues, clients, employers, or this association.

Members shall act in a professional manner, respond to requests by the association and support colleagues.

Members agree to the best of their ability to promote and advance the principal objectives of the organization and prevent the subversion of the association and its purpose.

*Note: These bylaws are subject to change without notice. Keep apprised to this section periodically for changes.


+ Potential members shall be of good moral character, entering or established and or any representative of a business/government/law enforcement/military actively engaged in some phase of OSINT

+ Potential members shall submit application and complete all entries to be considered for membership. If they fail to complete the application, they will be notified and expected to complete and return the completed application within a 14-day period. If the applicant fails to complete the application, it will no longer be considered.

+ No entry of a judgement or order against a member in a criminal, civil or contempt action related to the status of the potential member as an OSINT practitioner

+ Potential members are over the age of (18) eighteen years old.

+ No person shall be eligible for membership if that person has been a member, or is presently a member, or becomes a member of a subversive organization or any organization whose objectives and purposes are inconsistent with the purposes of the Association.