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CEO, Paraben Corporation

Throughout the past two decades Ms Schroader has been a driving force for innovation in digital forensics. Ms. Schroader has developed over two-dozen software programs designed for the purposes of recovering digital data from mobile phones, computer hard drives, email, and live monitoring services. Ms. Schroader has taught and designed the established protocols for the seizure and processing of digital evidence that have been used by numerous organizations throughout the world. Ms. Schroader has coined the concept of the “360-degree approach to digital forensics” as well as started the momentum and push to the “Forensics of Everything-FoE” with her focus to unique problems in digital evidence and solutions. Ms. Schroader has been a huge industry influence in pushing for a big-picture consideration of the digital evidence and the acquisition process and analysis techniques used. An accomplished curriculum developer and instructor; Ms. Schroader has written and taught numerous classes for this specialized field as well as founded multiple certifications. Ms. Schroader continues support through book contributions and other industry speaking engagements.


Co-Founder & CEO, Indago Technologies

Harry ‘Buddy’ Jericho is a serial entrepreneur and a former intelligence officer with more than 18 years of experience in the intelligence community. With 14 combat deployments during his career, he served on the ground during the conflict in Bosnia and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Buddy founded  Echo Analytics Group (EAG), an open source research and training services company founded in 2014. As the creator of EAG’s open source research and analysis methodologies and processes, he has trained more than 4,000 members of the Department of Defense, numerous law enforcement agencies and intelligence professionals in counterterrorism, security, and cyber intelligence operations. After selling EAG to a department of defense contractor,  Buddy founded a new company whose mission is to develop technologies that improve intelligence reporting while reducing the amount of time intelligence and security professionals spend building them.  Buddy served as an officer at the Defense Intelligence Agency and the National Military Joint Intelligence Center, where he briefed Senior Defense Officials on strategic and tactical human intelligence operations and developed plans and methods to target senior terrorist leaders. 


Owner, Reuser’s Information Services

Arno H.P. Reuser is an information professional, founder, manager (ret.) of the Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) branch of the Defense Intelligence and Security Service of The Netherlands, and founder and owner of Reuser’s Information Services (2008-present). From 1990 onwards, Arno from the ground up designed and managed the OSINT capability by designing and developing what came to be known as Arno’s OSINT Methodology of systematic, planned and structured research in open sources. It was one of the very first OSINT branches in Europe.

In 2008, Arno founded Reuser’s Information Services to meet the increasing demand for worldwide talks, presentations, consultancy, workshops and training programs on OSINT, cybersecurity, and SOCMINT. In 2013, Arno resigned from the service to devote his time to his company.

Today, Arno teaches OSINT to a wide variety of customers home and abroad, universities, EU/UN/NATO missions, law enforcement, private sector, (semi) government and academia. Arno speaks at conferences, lectures, writes articles, book chapters, participates in radio interviews, runs several websites, podcasts and conducts OSINT research. Arno was awarded a Golden Candle Award and a Lifetime Award for his work.


Director of Intelligence, Skull Games

After an amazing career as an Intelligence Operator in the Canadian Armed Forces, Michal retired to Israel to live out her days in the warmth of the Mediterranean Sea mastering Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Contrary to her plans, after six years she was offered the opportunity to help build a counter-sex trafficking, OSINT crowd-sourcing initiative in the United States. She accepted the challenge, failed retirement, and left her beloved land. Thankfully, this initiative grew into what’s now known as Skull Games, an organization that includes some of the best, brightest, and most dangerous OSINTers to exist. Sometimes, failure is a good thing.


Vice President at BlackHorse, a Parsons Company

Al Merino is a Vice President at BlackHorse – a Parsons Company, under their Information Warfare – High Consequence Mission Group and is a former Special Forces Warrant Officer with more than 25 years of USSOCOM experience. Al served in the US Army for nearly 30 years has over 20 combat deployments that date back to the 1980’s through GWOT when he retired in late 2017. Al is the original requirements writer for BlackHorse’s CASO course which was originally a Cyber Enabled HUMINT training course designed for ASOT-C graduates. This course has been taught to more than 5,000 members of DoD, USSOCOM and the IC. Al currently works with several non-profits that directly support Green Berets and the greater Special Forces communities at large and serves as the SFA-100 Chapter Vice President. Al’s final assignment in uniform was as the Special Technical Equipment Officer in support of HUMINT at the USASOC G3X where he ran the Cyber Working Group (Plank Owner), Special Communications Working Group, Technical Surveillance Detachment (TSD) build out and program which included moving the Merlin course from the UK to FBNC as well as serving as an LNO and Requirements Coordinator at the CRIF Facility. Al currently works with the USG, NATO Partners, Army, Air Force, USSOCOM, and IC as lead training arm for all their Advance OSINT, Digital Force Protection and non-standard communications training/operational needs.


Veteran & Lifelong Learner

Glenn Patti is 30-year service member retiree with six years of industry experience. In the service, he started off as an intelligence analyst who later became a leader and mentor of many Army, Joint, and Combined organizations and staffs. Glenn has led from team level to being responsible for thousands at the organizational level. Glenn deployed to combat over a dozen time times with many operational deployments where he or his organizations provided intelligence from all sources to include Open Source. Upon retiring, he entered the workforce as a Subject Matter Expert and Program Manager for NGA-provided services, which was centered on providing data especially for unclassified networks and derived from commercially available means. He continues to stay engaged in intelligence programs and systems that need solved. Glenn is an avid cook and derives his recipe ideas from publicly and commercially available sources.