Tools can, and will, fail at the worst possible time but having an effective methodology and understanding of the underlying principles will stand the test of time. OSINT is a huge discipline, but it is important to get the fundamentals right. In this three hour session, Mr. Daly will take participants through an overview of open-source Intelligence, understanding intelligence requirements, and how to leverage the intelligence lifecycle.

Ms. Schroader returns back to OSMOSIS with a 90-minute course outlining the valuable techniques that can be utilized to catch information from OSINT to digital forensics. Data collection techniques can offer a different value and quantity, so instead of feeling disappointed you did not find the smoking gun, Amber will be teaching attendees how to adjust their technique to locate more quality data sources. 

When investigating online threats to your organization, you may need to quickly locate a user of interest or concern. Analyzing profiles or posts can be challenging if the user does not reveal their real identity. This 90-minute pre-conference session will include real case examples demonstrating workflows to successfully reveal bad actors behind the content that is a cause of concern for your organization or client.


Register for all three pre-conference sessions and enjoy a full day of additional training, earning 6 continuing education credits at an exclusive rate. This opportunity is only available to in-person attendees and will begin at 9:00am CT on Sunday October 15, 2023 at the conference venue, with breaks between sessions. Seating is extremely limited so be sure to register now!

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 15TH, 2023  | 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM



During this time slot of 4 hours, 6 sponsors will host a session, workshop, or demo for in-person attendees that have checked in.


Skull Games is an event where vetted volunteers crowdsource the collection of open-source intelligence (OSINT) to provide law enforcement with leads on trafficked victims and persons of interest. This event is open to all attendees and local volunteers who have submitted a volunteer application and completed the Skull Games pre-event training.