Automate your intelligence collection by learning how to build a custom OSINT monitoring platform for under $60. Using information from social media platforms, deep social nets, and news/blogs sites, this platform will act as an early warning system by notifying you, by web or mobile, once it identifies a threat facing your brand, customers, employees, infrastructure, and/or supply chain. The solution can integrate API feeds and RSS data for maximum visibility, as well as construct rules for filtering and reducing false positives.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to automate your intelligence collection
  • Become proactive when identifying threats against your business
  • Save money by protecting your business from reputational damage and regulatory fines


Vincent is an enthusiastic and driven entrepreneur with a passion for cyber threat intelligence and the security industry. He specialises in advanced deep & dark web intelligence and investigations, working with government agencies, counter-terrorism units, financial institutions and private sector organizations to identify threats facing their business.

Vincent is the Chief Executive Officer at Cyb3r Operations, a cyber threat intelligence company focused on delivering high quality, actionable intelligence about threat actors, vendors, activists, extremists, and malware. He is also the Chief Technology Officer at Toddington International Inc, a leading open source intelligence investigation and training organisation, in which he is dedicated to developing new tools and techniques for OSINT data collection.