This session will focus on how to build enduring OSINT capabilities within your organization in the most cost & resource-effective manner possible. With the backdrop of tough economic times ahead, individuals & teams will be expected to provide critical intelligence in uncertain times to create decision advantage for executives, whilst being significantly resource constrained.

We will explore the assessment & execution process of bespoke tool development, the possibilities of what can be done in-house, and where external support matters. We will detail the criticality of fundamental training & the ultimate goal of analyst efficiency, not replacement. The talk will introduce the opportunities & risks of AI-supported analysis & critical validation techniques, through to building a security operations center on a budget.

Regardless of whether you operate at the tactical, operational, or strategic level, the synergy & understanding between practitioners & executives on how to effectively build enduring OSINT capabilities has never been greater.

Learning Objectives

  • How to develop enduring OSINT capability within organizations across training & tools
  • Understanding AI supported analysis opportunities & risks, and how to use them in your work
  • Concepts you can employ today for building service offerings in a cost & resource effective manner


Chris is the Founder & CEO of OSINT Combine who are leaders in open-source intelligence training & software with support to counter-human trafficking, counter-terrorism, law enforcement & other strategically important efforts around the world. He spent over a decade in the Australian Defense Force with extensive operational experience around the world. He has an established background working in military and law enforcement environments domestically & overseas, with proven outcomes in developing open-source intelligence capability to multi-national teams that service strategic and operational objectives where the cyber, human and physical terrain overlap. Additionally, he is the creator of NexusXplore, a leading OSINT software platform that is trusted globally in supporting complex mission sets in the open-source environment. His understanding of the nexus between the physical & digital terrain positions him as a leader in open-source intelligence.