Advisor | Buddy Jericho

B U D D Y   J E R I C H O 

Harry ‘Buddy’ Jericho is a serial entrepreneur and a former intelligence officer with more than 18 years of experience in the intelligence community. With 14 combat deployments during his career, he served on the ground during the conflict in Bosnia and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Buddy founded  Echo Analytics Group (EAG), an open source research and training services company founded in 2014. As the creator of EAG’s open source research and analysis methodologies and processes, he has trained more than 4,000 members of the Department of Defense, numerous law enforcement agencies and intelligence professionals in counterterrorism, security, and cyber intelligence operations. After selling EAG to a department of defense contractor,  Buddy founded a new company whose mission is to develop technologies that improve intelligence reporting while reducing the amount of time intelligence and security professionals spend building them.  Buddy served as an officer at the Defense Intelligence Agency and the National Military Joint Intelligence Center, where he briefed Senior Defense Officials on strategic and tactical human intelligence operations and developed plans and methods to target senior terrorist leaders.