Advisor | Jon Matta

Jon Matta

Founder, Matta Intelligence Group (MIG)

Jon ‘Jay’ Matta is the founder of the Matta Intelligence Group (MIG) and a former all-source/Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) officer, a Marine and Army Intelligence NCO with more than 25 years of DoD/IC experience and over 10 combat deployments since 9/11. Jay’s last assignment with the government was the Senior Open-Source Intelligence Advisor and Program Manager for United States Army Special Operations Command (USASOC).

Jay is viewed as a subject matter expert in Cyber Intelligence, operational use of PAI, OSINT, and Open-source technologies, and managed attribution networks and solutions. For the past 4 years, Jay has developed a fundamental and advanced training program for USASOC that is now being implemented across other Joint and Army Commands. He was instrumental in the development of the Army OSINT Tool kit and Basic Open-Source Course that is the fundamental course for the Army OSINT collector. 

Leveraging his experience as an intelligence leader in the government and technical SME, Jay has established the MIG with intent to continue to consult and provide services and training to inform and educated both the private and public sectors on OSINT and use of PAI and commercially available information (CAI) in the cyber domain and innovative solutions to technology to solve complex problems and challenges.