One of the biggest challenges in the analysis and investigative realm has been the vast amounts of data that could contribute to a case and how to efficiently leverage that information. Initially, the issue lied within an organization’s own sources but now this has extended beyond the firewall and seems to have no end in sight. When it comes to Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), there is no shortage of data. With this ever-pouring data stream and two arms full of vendors that want to help, how do you determine which or what to go with?

In this session we will define key terms and understand the important questions needing to be addressed in order to leverage current investments and expand into new technologies while meeting all of your requirements to have the most efficient workflow.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand when, how and where analysis and analytics are applied in the investigative process
  • Addressing vast amounts of disparate data and how to best approach it
  • Key considerations when selecting an intelligence or visualization platform


Ms. Knight leads the Client Success team at Blue Light – overseeing the wellbeing and success of all customers. Her passion to be an advocate for clients comes from Dallas’s widespread experience in the military, law enforcement and intelligence industries. Being an Army combat veteran by the age of 20, Dallas transitioned to the civilian world to start her career as an Intelligence Analyst for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. Assigned to the NV HIDTA under the DEA, she became an expert user and certified trainer of the i2 solutions and leveraged them to combat complex narcotic investigations resulting in the disruption and dismantling of numerous criminal organizations. Dallas’s love for the analysis and analytical solutions led her to make a leap of faith into the corporate space where she now continues to proudly represent these solutions by conveying the value of analysis capabilities through her extensive expertise to clients worldwide.